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Breakfast on BooBoo Living

Showing appreciation for our guests is important to us at Boo Boo Living. We understand the importance of making each guest feel welcome and valued, especially when they are traveling on business and have a busy schedule. That’s why we set up an early morning breakfast at our apartment hotel on Lidingö as a gesture of our gratitude and care.

Lidingö, with its scenic views and tranquil surroundings, is the perfect place for our guests to relax while remaining productive. Being able to meet our guests personally and start their day with a smile was our way of creating a more memorable and homely experience.

During this early morning, we also had the opportunity to directly gather feedback and listen to our guests’ stories and experiences. These interactions are invaluable as they give us deeper insights into our guests’ needs and expectations. Actively participating in such moments allows us to continuously improve our service and tailor our hospitality to better meet our guests’ desires.

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Perks on being a company costumer at Boo Boo Living

Staying at Boo Boo Living’s apartment hotel as a corporate customer offers several conveniences and benefits that can make business trips and long-term stays both more comfortable and more efficient. Here are a few aspects of what it can be like to stay at such an apartment hotel:

Home-like environment: Boo Boo Living offers fully furnished apartments that provide a more homely and comfortable feeling than traditional hotel rooms. This can be particularly valuable for longer business trips where a personal and relaxing environment can contribute to better well-being and productivity.

Accommodation flexibility: The apartments are equipped with kitchens or kitchenettes, offering the possibility to cook for oneself. This can not only be a cost saving but also provide a more flexible daily life without depending on restaurants for every meal.

Strategic locations: Apartment hotels like Boo Boo Living are often strategically located near business districts or well-connected transportation networks. This facilitates access to offices, meeting places, and other important locations in the city.

Cost-effectiveness: For businesses, it can be more cost-effective to book longer stays at apartment hotels compared to traditional hotels, especially when it comes to group travel or projects that require a longer presence on site.

Choosing Boo Boo Living’s apartment hotel can thus offer a range of benefits for corporate customers seeking a comfortable, flexible, and efficient accommodation option during their business travels

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The perfect accommodation for Swifties visiting Stockholm

If you’re planning to experience Taylor Swift’s magical concert in Stockholm and are in search of the ultimate accommodation, you need not look any further. Boo Boo Living, the charming apartment hotel on Lidingö, offers a unique and comfortable experience for fans visiting Stockholm for the concert.

Boo Boo Living is situated on the beautiful Lidingö, providing proximity to Stockholm city and its cultural highlights. With convenient and quick access to public transportation, you can easily travel from Boo Boo Living to event venues like Friends Arena.

Feel welcome to book your comfortable accommodation for a weekend in the capital at our Lifestyle Hotel for Co-Living with fully equipped apartments.

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Accommodation for events and concerts

Spring is approaching, and so are numerous concerts in Stockholm. For those visiting the capital for various events, Boo Boo Living is the perfect accommodation option. Whether you are traveling alone or as a couple, we offer room options such as “Studio” or “Couple.” If you are a family or a larger group of friends, our “Family” rooms, with 60 square meters of space accommodating up to 4 people, are ideal. With a fully equipped kitchen, spacious bathrooms, and ample seating, our apartment hotel is a home away from home.

You can easily check in with a code sent to you via email, and then smoothly obtain your room key through our self-check-in counter. Step into the rooms, relax, and feel at home before easily heading into central Stockholm via the nearby tram or SL boat located just a few hundred meters away in the harbor. Our co-living apartment hotel is affordable, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Lidingö, and provides easy access to the city in 20 minutes. We warmly welcome you to book your next stay in our furnished apartments.

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Discover Boo Boo Living.

Discover Boo Boo Living. Whether you are a dedicated fitness enthusiast, a food lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or an adventurous soul, Boo Boo Living has something unique to offer to every guest. For those who prioritize health and well-being, the area around Boo Boo Living has facilities and gyms catering to various needs. Just a stone’s throw from the house, you will find SATS, and beyond that, there are opportunities for outdoor workouts near beautiful green areas.

The food lover can enjoy incredible meals from nearby restaurants such as Quai, overlooking the water, serving excellent wines, food, and great service. If you’re in the mood for pizza, 450 Gradi is also nearby. They have been named one of Sweden’s best pizzerias by the Italian Gambero Rosso for four consecutive years and have also ranked among the Top 50 best pizzas in Europe for the past three years.

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Boo Boo Living is a gem among the Stockholm archipelago islands, providing guests with fantastic opportunities for scenic walks. Whether along the water or through lush forests, the surroundings offer a soothing environment for those who love to relax and explore nature on foot.

For those who love to explore, there are many opportunities near Boo Boo Living. Explore cultural sites, historical landmarks, and local markets on Lidingö. In addition, guided tours and information about events and activities in the area are available.
Regardless of your lifestyle, Boo Boo Living on Lidingö will offer a tailored experience to suit your needs. Welcome to a home away from home.

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Living at Boo Boo Living

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and what has led you to live at Boo Boo Living?
I usually work for Stureplansgruppen in Gothenburg, currently at Bardot. This summer, I had the opportunity to work in Stockholm instead, so I went up and worked at Tetto. There are horror stories about how difficult the apartment situation is in Stockholm, so the knowledge of Boo Boo Living was absolutely magical for me, as I was only planning to stay for a few months.

How would you describe your experience of living at Boo Boo Living so far? Are there any specific aspects that you really appreciate?
It’s fun to have many colleagues in the same building. Also, the apartment is very fresh and pleasant to hang out in. And the whole area around Boo Boo, that’s probably the best according to me. It’s close to the city, but you still live close to nature and lots of bathing cliffs.

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Are there any amenities or services that you find particularly convenient at Boo Boo?
The cleaning is magical. It feels incredibly luxurious to have your apartment spotlessly cleaned once a week. Public transportation to the city is also great; it’s frequent and fast. If you’re feeling extra lazy, taking a taxi is neither expensive nor time-consuming!

Have you explored the area around Boo Boo Living? Do you have any tips for activities around?
The entire area around Boo Boo Living is really nice. The long pier along the water, just a minute from Boo Boo, is very cozy to just sit and hang out on, grab a coffee, or have lunch. Also, the nature is close and very beautiful to walk around and enjoy in the nearby area.

The best restaurants are 450 Gradi and Quai.

What does a perfect day in Stockholm look like for you? Do you have a favorite place?
Waking up and taking a run around the water on Lidingö, then taking the Lidingöbanan into the city, having a wine lunch and playing cards at a nice place, then continuing the day by hopping around different bars and restaurants, just eating well, drinking well, and hanging out with friends.

A favorite place is impossible to choose in Stockholm, way too many to choose from. But I have to say Spesso and Tetto. Tjalans and Svarta Hästen are also great!

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Fresh Start at Boo Boo Living

As autumn approaches, exciting opportunities arise for those beginning their studies or starting jobs in Stockholm. For all those in search of the perfect accommodation for a prolonged stay, Boo Boo Living offers apartment hotels on Lidingö, providing the ultimate blend of convenience and style for both long stays and shorter visits of at least 3 days.

Boo Boo Living isn’t just your typical co-living apartment hotel; it’s your home away from home. Nestled in the scenic and tranquil surroundings of Lidingö, this distinctive lodging offers a comfortable and modern oasis for anyone in need of a temporary residence. Here, there are apartments suited for every need, from solo travelers to small families.

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Why Choose Boo Boo Living?

Convenience: All apartments are fully equipped with modern amenities to make your stay as seamless as possible. From kitchen utilities to cozy beds, everything is thoughtfully selected to provide a homely ambiance.

Flexibility: Boo Boo Living understands that each guest’s needs are unique. Whether you’re staying for three nights or longer, there are various accommodation options and price ranges that can be tailored to your preferences.

Scenic Surroundings: Lidingö offers a harmonious blend of city life and nature. Enjoy strolls along the water and through green parks while maintaining easy access to Stockholm’s city center.

Service: Our dedicated team is always on hand to ensure your stay is as comfortable as can be. From check-in to check-out, we strive to make your time with us memorable.

Whether you’re a student embarking on your education journey or a professional who’s landed a job in Stockholm, Boo Boo Living is ready to welcome you to a new season of possibilities. Discover the perfect balance of comfort and convenience on Lidingö.

Reserve your long-term stay at Boo Boo Living today and look forward to an amazing time in Stockholm!

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Summer at Boo Boo Living

Are you planning to spend your summer in Stockholm? You can secure your accommodation with us at Boo Boo Living now. We are a fully-equipped apartment hotel that can accommodate both short and long stays. With just a 20-minute commute from Aga, you can easily access the bustling city life.

We warmly welcome you to book your stay with us this summer!

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Stockholm marathon & Lidingö race

It’s time to challenge yourself! Book a race in Stockholm or on Lidingö. Stockholm Marathon starts on June 3rd and is approximately 42 km long. For those who prefer a shorter race, we recommend Lidingöloppet which is 15 km long and conveniently close to our hotel.

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Festival summer

Are you planning to attend a festival this summer? Then you can stay with us at Boo Boo Living. With just a 20-minute commute to Gärdet, you can quickly and easily access Lollapalooza. In the evening, you can easily take the subway to Ropsten and transfer to a bus to Aga.

Secure your summer accommodation with us now!

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Graduation reception

Maybe you or someone you know is graduating in Stockholm this summer? Then Boo Boo Living is the perfect accommodation for you. Invite your friends and family to celebrate with you. It is possible to park in our garage or the public parking garage.

With the Lidingöbanan, they can quickly and easily get into the city for your celebration.

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Stockholm Pride is the largest Pride festival in the Nordic region. During week 31, there are several events to participate in, including the famous parade that marches from Kungsholmen to Östermalm. You can also enjoy fantastic artists, exhibitors, restaurants, and bars for music and party.

Stay with us while Pride Week is taking place and enjoy all the festivities.

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Spend a day with your family at Skansen. Experience animals and nature and end the evening with “Allsång på Skansen”. Then take the subway to Lidingö and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our Boo Boo Family is perfect for you with small children where you and the kids get your own bedrooms for the night.

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Buzz with Christopher

Christopher, the bar manager at our sister hotel Bank Hotel, is staying with us at Boo Boo Living. We met up with Christopher to learn more about what it’s like to live at Boo Boo Living and to get his best tips for things to do in the area. He recommends the local restaurant Quai and shares that he’s decorated his apartment with some personal touches.

What’s the easiest way to get to and from work?
The easiest way to get to work is by taking the Lidingöbanan and then the subway from Ropsten. If the weather is nice and you have some extra time, the boat is also a great option and it’s just a stone’s throw away from the accommodation.

Do you have any great recommendations for things to do near Boo Boo Living?
The best restaurant that I usually go to is the neighborhood restaurant Quai, which is a very cozy and nice place with great food and drinks. Otherwise, I like to walk along the water if the weather allows.

What’s the best thing about Boo Boo Living?
The best thing for me is probably the cleaning service, as I don’t really enjoy cleaning. Other things include having colleagues living nearby and being close to both the city center and nature.

Have you decorated with anything personal?
I’ve decorated with personal details from previous apartments that I’ve had.

What does your perfect weekend look like?
My perfect weekend involves spending time with friends and family. Having a nice dinner with friends and colleagues with a big glass of wine in hand is always great