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How do I check in?

Day of arrival you will receive an email with a link.

Is there a front desk?

No, there is a self-check-in desk

Is there staff at the hotel, to help with check in?

No, you will check in via the email link and create your own keys at the self-check-in desk in the lobby.

Can I store my luggage at the hotel?

No, there is no chance to store luggage before or after a stay.

My cards stopped working, how do I create new keys?

You use the same key access code that you received the day of arrival.

In what condition do I leave my room upon check out?

The room must be in the same condition as at check-in. Which means that garbage and refrigerators must be emptied, and no dirty dishes may be left in the sink.

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Can I bring a pet to the apartment, even for a day?

No, the building is completely animal free.

How does the weekly cleaning work?

Cleaning includes changing bed linen & towels, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning and dust drying on empty surfaces.

Is there a laundry room at the hotel?

Yes, on the first floor, open 24/7. You book your requested time with your apartment number on the schedule on the board.

Is there a possibility for parking?

Yes, we offer parking from 700 SEK per week.

When is the reservation department open?

Reservations are open from 09:00-17:00, Mondays – Fridays.
We kindly ask you to always email us with questions and concerns.

Is there a restaurant in the building?

Boo Boo Living unfortunally does not have any Restaurants, but there are several restaurants and cafés close by.